Hailing from the formerly insurgent country of Uganda in East Africa, Sarita struggled for many years to find and hold onto her true self.
Through voice and the natural world around her, she found her centre.

Sarita is a mezzo-soprano singer/songwriter of pop and contemporary songs with a voice that will lift you to a higher place within yourself.
She began singing at the age of nine, and was later on in her life, coached under Ian Garrett at the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music.

Her songwriting style is in the range of adult contemporary, words that pull the inner-self from others, as well as herself into view.

Sarita's influences come from the pop and soft rock artists of the 80's and 90's and the pop/contemporary artists of today.
Her plans for the future are to write and record more songs, along with more stage performances to as big an audience as she can reach.

Sarita's voice is genuine, from the heart, and in her own words: " In voice my spirit is released from it's confinement, I hope it will set your spirit free as well."

Her live, debut performance, was at the 2011 Aids Candlelight Vigil in Toronto, ON., of the song "May It Be", (Enya/Roma Ryan/Nicky Ryan), sung a cappella, to an audience of hundreds.  Her performance helped to give strength to those suffering with AIDS and those you have lost loved ones to the disease.

Sarita's other passions lie in the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces.
The energy given to her through her kinship with wild creatures, is the source of her strength and her soul in voice.